Тексты песен Pat McGee

Pat McGee - All Around Us
месяц назад 91 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Can`t Miss What You Never Had
месяц назад 92 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Ceamelodic
день назад 132 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Eligy for Amy
месяц назад 92 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Flooding Both Of Us
18 дней назад 201 (не задано)
Pat McGee - On Your Way Out Of Here
месяц назад 199 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Passion
месяц назад 72 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Rebecca
месяц назад 81 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Straight Curve
месяц назад 82 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Girl From Athens
месяц назад 170 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Pride
месяц назад 101 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Haven`t Seen for A While
месяц назад 77 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Could Have Been A Song
месяц назад 210 (не задано)
Pat McGee - The Story
месяц назад 63 (не задано)
Pat McGee - Identity
30 дней назад 98 (не задано)

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The Pat McGee Band is a rock band from Richmond, Virginia. Formed by frontman Pat McGee on the heels of his solo release From the Wood in 1995, the Pat McGee Band signed with Warner Bros. Records subsidiary Giant Records in 1999. Shine, the band's major-label debut was released in 2000 with the national singles "Runaway" and "Rebecca". After two years of delays, the band released their second album with Warner, Save Me, in 2004. The band was dropped from the label that year and picked up by Kirtland Records. An enhanced Save Me is now being distributed through Kirtland with the radio single "Must Have Been Love". Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.