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Pistol Grip - Broken Radio
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Pistol Grip is a street punk band, formed in Los Angeles in 1997. Their sound has been described as a mixture of the UK and LA styles of punk fused with anti-religious and quasi-political lyrics. The band built up a strong local following through playing shows with The Adicts, Agnostic Front, The Generators, Youth Brigade and The Unseen. Their first release was a split album with fellow LA street punk band Fully Loaded. The album caught the attention of BYO Records, who signed the band in 2001. They have since released three full length albums on the label, including 2004's Tear It All Down. A live DVD, Live At The Glass House, was released in 2003 as part of Kung Fu Records' The Show Must Go Off! series.


* Sounds of the Street Vol. 1 (split with Fully Loaded) (reissued 2002), Urgent Music
* The Shots From The Kalico Rose (2001), BYO Records
* Another Round (2003), BYO Records
* Tear It All Down (2004), BYO Records
* Machines of String Theory in C#m (2007), Independent record label


* Live At The Glass House (Live DVD) (2003), Kung Fu Records
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