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Текст песни Pistol Grip - Broken Radio

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Nothing else matters I`ve got nothing left to lose
I look to those that will always get me through
A needle on the vinyl will always take me back in time
Despair leaves my body I don`t wanna die
Many have gone can you remember any song
Those who have passed their passion lives on
A voice of reason injected into my soul
A clash of guitars keeps me safe from the cold
Static in the air
at the frequencies end
Static in the air
When the volume`s at ten
Static in the air
I`ll never be gone
Static in the air
But the band plays on
Ecstatic when the sky turns gray
On a broken radio I still hear the bands play
Saturated memories begin to take me back in time
Can you hear the voices resound in your mind
They`re calling my name and now I`m being sucked back in
The world could end now I`ll be left with a grin
Feel the spinning record slicing through you like a knife
Bask in the ruins that used to be your life
Can you hear me yelling I stare into the face of pain
The static gets louder through the thunder and the rain

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Pistol Grip - Broken Radio
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