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Тексты песен Pluto

Pluto - Long White Cross
12 дня назад 286,00 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

There are many (14) artists using this name:

1) Pluto from Portugal is a rock band, which emerged from the splitting up of Ornatos Violeta in 2002, in which Manel Cruz (frontman, vocalist and guitarist) and Peixe (guitarist) played. The other elements are Eduardo (bass guitar) and Ruka (drums). Their first album, "Bom Dia" (Good Morning), was released in 18 October 2004, entering straight to the 6th place of the Portuguese chart. On "Bom Dia", they display a harsher, more straight-forward rock'n'roll sound than their predecessors.

2) Pluto was the early to mid-90s techno/club alias (and band) of Rolo McGinty, previously of the British Rock Band "The Woodentops". As Pluto, he relased one album, 1996's "Rising" which contains a couple of exemplary deep, tracky, heady tunes. (http://fragsrus.net/badapple/Plutomusic.html)