Тексты песен Proximity

Proximity - Act Now
10 часов назад 439 (не задано)
Proximity - American Dream
9 часов назад 456 (не задано)
Proximity - Brighter Days
14 дней назад 417 (не задано)
Proximity - Come From Broken
день назад 507 (не задано)
Proximity - Forced Hatred
день назад 592 (не задано)
Proximity - Justice Lies
день назад 336 (не задано)
Proximity - My Star
27 дней назад 418 (не задано)
Proximity - Painted Sorrows
27 дней назад 374 (не задано)
Proximity - Rainbow
5 дней назад 415 (не задано)
Proximity - Sick
29 дней назад 377 (не задано)
Proximity - Vain Intentions
11 дней назад 419 (не задано)
Proximity - Wood Work
24 дня назад 381 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Czech modern melodic metal/metalcore band from Prague was formed in 2005. the're often being compared to bands from north Europe, they're biggest inspiration and boost is the band In Flames.
In 2012 they've release the first album Zero Point.

Band Members:
Jirka Strejcek (Vocals)
Martin Fialka (Guitar)
Petr Vohanka (Guitar)
Anna Stachova (Bass)
Martin Vodera (Drums)


also you can listen to them on their MySpace page or BandZone page:

There is also a underground hip-hop group of the same name from Colorado, USA.
You can listen to them on their MySpace page or BandZone page:
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