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Remembering Never - A Clearer Sky
9 дней назад 162 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Alisons Song
10 дней назад 175 (не задано)
Remembering Never - All That Glitters Is...
13 дней назад 179 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Big Jims Mistake
день назад 184 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Blue
2 дня назад 147 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Closed Caskets
2 месяца назад 156 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Feathers In Heaven
19 дней назад 167 (не задано)
Remembering Never - For The Love Of Fiction
2 месяца назад 155 (не задано)
Remembering Never - From My Cold Dead Hands
2 месяца назад 177 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Heartless
2 месяца назад 154 (не задано)
Remembering Never - How Soon We Forget
3 месяца назад 155 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Incisions
месяц назад 167 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Late Night Alone
месяц назад 159 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Meadows
месяц назад 145 (не задано)
Remembering Never - Minutes Are Now Hours
2 месяца назад 182 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Remembering Never - американская металкор группа, сформированная в городе Форт-Лодердейл, штат Флорида, в конце 90-х годов. Ранние записи группы были сфокусированы на типичных вопросах, таких как потери и любовь. Вокалист Пит Ковальски решил изменить лирический фокус группы на их втором полноформатном CD Women And Children Die First. Группа больше не играет песни с альбома She Looks So Good In Red и это единственный альбом Remembering Never, который не продаётся на их шоу. Теперь группа политически ориентирована, поднимая в своих песнях такие вопросы, как права животных ("The Grenade In Mouth Tragedy", "Slaughterhouse Blues"), контроль за оборотом оружия (""From My Cold Dead Hands""), религия ("For The Love Of Fiction", "Con Artist", "White Devil") и права сексуальных меньшинств ("The Goddamn Busy Signal"). Вокалист Питер и басист Альдо имеют straight edge сайд-проект xBishopx. Релиз нового альбома группы был запланирован на 2011 год.

Текущий состав группы:
Pete "Mean Pete" Kowalsky - вокал
Alejandro Leon - гитара
Nick Ziros - гитара
Steve Vazquez - бас
Daniel Burger - ударные

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Remembering Never are a Floridian metalcore band writing songs with meaning, morals and attitude. Formed in the late 90's, the band went through numerous lineup changes before releasing their debut EP, 2001's Suffocates My Words To You.

South Florida, a region once known for its humidity and magnetic pull for retirees from across the nation. Now this region is known for its high occurrence rate of hurricanes and home to socio-politico rage-core unit, Remembering Never. This five man unit composed of Mean Pete (vocals), Grease (guitar), Norm (guitar), Aldo (bass) and Danny (drums) is uncompromising hardcore with a message. From a cynical eye towards those who govern in all realms to messages of a vegetarian lifestyle, Remembering Never isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers. Incorporating metallic speed and ire into their guitars, shards of melody and chaotic arrangements that threaten to collapse their sound is a combination of technical skill and primal aggression.

Forming right out of High School around the turn of the millennium, Remembering Never originally had Mean Pete on guitars and Justin Daily on vocals. According to Pete, the band originally sounded like every other band in South Florida and was more based on personal songwriting. The members who were in other bands, including Pete who was a vocalist in Until The End didn’t take Remembering Never too seriously. The group admits at first no one cared for the band and they ended up playing a lot of bad shows. After a year of playing locally, the band recorded an eight song demo that Carl Severson of Ferret Music caught wind of. Severson was impressed enough to want to put the album out, but at the time Ferret was stretched thin on releases. Severson turned the demo over to Chris Tzompanakis of Ferret band, SkyCameFalling who had started his own label, One Day Saviour and was looking for artists. One Day Saviour released the demo in 2001 which went on to sell close to 20,000 copies (it has just been re-released with new artwork).

Shortly thereafter, Daily quit the band to focus on other pursuits. Pete reluctantly picked up the microphone and put down the guitar, a decision he wasn’t entirely comfortable with. At the time of the member switch, Remembering Never had composed a great deal of their first full-length album She Looks so Good In Red and Pete had almost no time to compose lyrics. Musically the album which was released on Ferret Music in 2002 was angrier and more severe than the demo sessions. Lyrically Mean Pete claims it was a joke that only the band members got, as over the top narratives talked about violence against loved one’s and severing of relationships, much like Glassjaw’s first album. Like the aforementioned band, who has since taken a much different approach in their lyrics, Pete regrets anyone thinking that he was serious about any of those lyrics or believing that he advocated abusive acts towards women.

Tour-wise Remembering Never was finally getting out on the road including a stint with Suicide Note as well as tours with On Broken Wings, Evergreen Terrace, Between The Buried and Me, Alexisonfire, and Every Time I Die. When working on material for their next album Women And Children Die First, Pete decided to focus on issues that not only affected him but that would be hardcore anthems. As he wrote in the album’s liner notes “Being in a hardcore band, it is my privilege and my responsibility to share ideas.” As Carl Severson of Ferret claims “That album is really their defining moment. The demo and the first album might as well have been a different band. This album was more extreme, more pissed and more potent.” The second full-length was released in 2004, the significance of the title Women And Children Die First was supposedly the working title of a Slayer album that they were forced to drop by their label. Remembering Never’s album became their signature statement and went on to sell over 70,000 albums worldwide within two years. The album was included in the “Best Of 2004” list for Decibel Magazine as well as coverage in places such as Sirius Satellite Radio, Revolver, Alt Press and other media sources. This album also marked the first time that Remembering Never became a full time band and toured fully behind the album. Tours included co-headlining a PETA sponsored tour with Most Precious Blood as well as tour with Throwdown, The Acacia Strain, ZAO, Terror, Scarlet, Eighteen Visions and It Dies Today.

Several hurricanes and tattoos later, Remembering Never has emerged as one of the most respected voices of the metal-core scene. As of Fall 05, the band entered Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts with wonder producer Zeuss (Hatebreed, Throwdown, Shadows Fall) to record their forthcoming full-length for a spring 06 release titled God Saves Us. It promises to be the most savage and heaviest sounding record to date. It also does a good job of balancing personal lyrics with the worldly messages of the band. The Goddamn Busy Signal is a song that deals with Gay rights. As Mean Pete says “This is not just someone’s opinion on someone else’s lifestyle, it’s about religion and government sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong.” The ironically titled White Devil is about Pete and other members of the band who grew up broke, stealing to get by. “It’s really about an circle of life that it is difficult to break out of, being born into poverty and how it places a limit of what you can accomplish.” Selma named for the character in the film Dancer In The Dark is about the power that women have that is underestimated every day. Pete comments “We are the most negatively positive band out there. We’re really positive but we present it in a negative way.” With the release of God Saves Us 2006 promises to be the year that mainstream takes notice of the band who live by their underground roots. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.