Тексты песен Sanctifica

Sanctifica - Riket(The Empire)
10 дней назад 223 (не задано)
Sanctifica - The Dark Desires
9 дней назад 235 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Released from Pain
6 дней назад 223 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Spirit of Purity
10 дней назад 219 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Landscape
5 дней назад 140 (не задано)
Sanctifica - The Dark embrace of night
5 дней назад 208 (не задано)
Sanctifica - The Wanderer
8 дней назад 88 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Confront
12 дней назад 215 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Dark Desires
11 дней назад 200 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Epitaph
10 дней назад 212 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Labels
12 дней назад 221 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Landscape
11 дней назад 217 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Lavender
8 дней назад 213 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Nerve
4 дня назад 211 (не задано)
Sanctifica - Spirit Of Purity
9 дней назад 196 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Sanctifica started up in 1996, playing old school death metal. After about a year the sound evolved towards black metal. A keyboard player was added to the band, and in 1998 the first demo tape was released: "In the bleak midwinter". They soon landed a record deal and in the year 2000 the debut album "Spirit of Purity" was released. After this the musical direction changed, becoming more progressive and incorporating more clean vocals. In 2002, "Negative B" was released. This was a very different album, and probably very misunderstood. After a short tour in Finland in the fall of 2002, the band decided to call it quits, due to the restrictions caused by being labelled a black metal band and also due to the geographical distance between the band members.

Hubertus Liljegren, guitar and vocals, 1996-2002
Daniel Thelin, drums, 1996-2002
Jonathan Jansson, bass, 1996-2002
Henrik Georgsson, guitar, 1998-2002
Aron Engberg, keys, 1998-2002
David Seiving, vocals, 2002
Alexander Orest, bass, 1996, keys, 1997-1998
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