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Silver - Forgiven
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Silver - Turn The Tide
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Группа S.i.l.v.e.r. состоит из участников и ех-участников таких групп, как: Michael Schenker Group, Ozzy Osbourne, Fastway, Sinner, U.F.O., MSG, Statetrooper, Praying Mantis, Demon Drive, Casanova, Mad Max, Bonfire, Sisters Of Mercy, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Deep Purple и некоторых других. Легендарный клавишник Дон Эйри, чья трудовая книжка испещрена благодарностями за сотрудничество с Deep Purple, Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Fastway, Sinner, U.F.O., MSG и так далее и тому подобное, вокалист Гари Барден (Michael Schenker Group, Praying Mantis) и не самый последний гитарист Михаэль Восс (Bonfire, Casanova, Demon Drive, Mad Max). Драммером, кстати, некто Марко Миннеманн из не совсем форматной H-Blocks. Могли такие знатные товарищи записать плохую пластинку? В принципе, да – изнурить десяток поп-радио-роковых песенок, которые возьмёт в ротацию любая радиостанция и приподнять некоторое количество дензнаков. Но не в этот раз. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.
Silver is a name of at least seven bands, one DJ and a producer.

[1] A Norwegian glam-punk band.

Releases include, albums: "White Diary" (2004, Bad Afro), "World Against World" (2006, Bad Afro) and "Wolf Chasing Wolf" (2008, Bad Afro).

Silver er et norsk glam-punk-rockeband. Bandet ble dannet i Flekkefjord i 1996, og debuterte i 2000 med Billboard Blackout EP. De var et av vinnerbandene under Zoom 2000 og ble sendt på den påfølgende Zoom-turneen i Norge, England og Skottland våren 2001. I 2001 slapp de Riot 1-2-3 EP på Virgin. Neste utgivelse ble albumet White Diary, etterfulgt av singlene «Angels Calling», «The Sin Fix Journal» og «Funeral Class one». «Angels Calling» ble en hit og ble stadig spilt på radio og TV, likevel har låten aldri helt blitt godtatt av «hardcore» Silver-fans. Etter White Diary sluttet Emil Nikolaisen som trommeslager, og ble erstattet av Kim Akerholdt, som senere forlot bandet og ble erstattet av Jonas Thire fra Amulet.

I løpet av perioden 2001-2006 spilte Silver rundt 220 konserter i inn- og utland (Tyskland, England, Japan, Italia, Østerrike, Finland, USA, Sverige, Danmark, Nederland, Slovenia, Skottland). Blant disse utenlandsopptredenene var en spillejobb på Roskilde i 2004 og opptreden på italiensk TV. I Norge har bandet blant annet spilt konserter i Harstad, Kristiansand, Rockefeller i Oslo og på Meieriet i Sogndal. Bandet vant årets Alarmpris under Alarmprisen 2004.

Sites: Discogs and http://TheSilverBand.com (official).

[2] A band formed in late 1975 by John Batdorf after the break up of Batdorf & Rodney. Brent Mydland who was a member of the earlier group was a founder member of Silver. The original line-up was John Batdorf, Brent Mydland, Greg Collier, Harry Stinson and Tom Leadon. This line-up released one album and three singles. Mydland left the group in 1977. Silver released a second album in 1978.

Releases include album "Silver" (1976, Arista).

Sites: Discogs.

[3] A melodic rock super-group: Gary Barden (ex-MSG, Statetrooper, Praying Mantis), Bernie Torme (ex-Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne, Desperado), Don Airey (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake, Gary Moore), Michael Voss (Demon Drive, Casanova, Mad Max, ex-Bonfire) and Marco Minnemann (ex-H-Blockx).

Releases include, the album "Silver" (2001, Barfly), including tracks: "Silver", "Pretender", "Sister Love", "Marianna", "Christine", "She Was Mine", "Walk The Stage", "The Writer", "Far Behind" and "No More Tears".

Sites: Discogs.

[4] A pseudonym of Dean Fletcher, is a drum & bass producer / artist and often works with Sonic. He's been producing since 1999, with releases on Bingo, Hospital, Brigand and Metalheadz .

He has released dozens of singles, including tracks: "Do Or Die", "Hunt Man Down", "Dance Like Pete", "Ironhand", "Dance Dance Dance", "Push De Weed", "Last Action Hero", "Sound Control", "Light Mind" and "Armshouse".

Sites: Discogs.

[5] A collaboration of three Raleigh musicians, beginning in the fall of 2008. Patrick Downing, Brent and John were all born and raised in the fine state of North Carolina and that southern influence carries through in much of the songwriting. Heavily affected by a British rock/pop sound, Silver has carefully crafted melodies that are both unique all the while holding firmly to their region and place.

Their début EP, "+/-" (Feb 2009), finds a young band in their mid twenties trying to balance honest melodies about the good and the bad, the darkness and the light. +/- gently nods to bands such as Radiohead, Kings of Leon, U2 and Muse with delayed guitars, swirling synthesizers and organs and steady pounding rhythms. A firmly established power trio, Silver is garnering attention and support throughout the southeast.

Their latest release is EP "Feeling Of Falling" (Oct 2011).

Sites: BandCamp, Facebook and http://SilverMusicOnline.com (official).

[6] A Dutch rock band, Silver is a (hard)rock, three-piece band inspired by the music of Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age, among others. Silver is influenced and inspired by rock from the late sixties and contemporary hard rock/stoner rock. This can be heard in their covers and in their own work.

Peter and Jeroen met in the autumn of 2004. After a jam session they decided to form a band and began searching for a bass guitarist. Daan joined the group at the beginning of 2006. They where 7th place in a global battle of the bands.

[7] An obscure Japanese rock band, active throughout the early 2000's, involved in the visual kei scene.

[8] A singer-songwriter / guitarist, Brandon McCulloch and his minions.

[9] A DJ (aka DJ Silver), who has been collecting vinyl and DJing for the past 21years. He collaborated with many renown artists and successfully produced records under different moniker, the latest _NUDE charted internationally and it is currently featured in many dance charts. He hosts a popular weekly radio show at East Village radio which is also available as a podcast. The show will flow between disco, Cosmic, space disco, proto-house, garage classics, white labels and unreleased material, Detroit techno, Eurobeat pop and synthesized beats and all the other electronic genres that gave birth to early house.

NB: Silver is also a 1999 video-game, developed by Spiral House Ltd. and published by Infogrames North America, Inc. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.