Тексты песен Splash

Splash - After All
24 дня назад 196 (не задано)
Splash - Babies
24 дня назад 207 (не задано)
Splash - Bimbo
23 дня назад 189 (не задано)
Splash - Diving
11 дней назад 214 (не задано)
Splash - Downtown
16 дней назад 183 (не задано)
Splash - Everytime
12 дней назад 192 (не задано)
Splash - Go To Jamaica
23 дня назад 169 (не задано)
Splash - Just Do It
26 дней назад 177 (не задано)
Splash - Let The Party Goin` On
22 дня назад 158 (не задано)
Splash - The First Night
25 дней назад 184 (не задано)
Splash - Winterdream
23 дня назад 167 (не задано)
Splash - Your Look
26 дней назад 173 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

As with many group names, there are several artists using or having used this name in varying countries.

Splash (1): Commercial trance and dance producer from Denmark, better known as DJ Splash.

SPLASH (2): Side-project artist name of James Ferraro from The Skaters

Splash (3): Swedish progressive rock band that released three albums in the 70s. Blended jazzy horns with long rock song structures.

Splash (4): Justus League affiliated rapper.

Splash (5): Sideproject of jungle producer Daz Ellis (Undercover Agent), utilized mainly for one single; "Babylon" 1995.

Splash (6): South African dance pop group in late 80's, who had a regional hit with their track Money

Splash (7): Canadian dance band

Splash (8) Hungarian Dance group from the end of the '90s and beginning of '00s

Splash (9) Japanese Idol Group 1998-1999

Splash (10) English dance pop group who released a few singles, including "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" (1986) and "European Boy" (1987). The latter is a cover of an unreleased song by Bronski Beat. Both singles were produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Splash's singer was Steve Whitmore, there were two other members.

Splash (11) Latvian Hip-Hop artist. Real name - Edijs.

Splash (12) German Punk band http://www.splash-punk.de

Splash (13) A Norwegian dance-pop group. Consisting of two young girls, this Splash aimed their Norwegian-language debut and Christmas albums at children. Their final album release, "All We Wanna Do", was not just in English, but was a teen-pop album. [obsolete site - splash.as]

Splash (14) A japanese SKA-punk/pop-punk band. The members are Koike (vocals), Kenta (guitars), Taka→C (bass), Yasuo (drums).
Official Site: http://www.splash-5.com/
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