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Steinwolke - Katharine Katharine
месяц назад 125 (не задано)
Steinwolke - Katharine Katharine
месяц назад 380 (не задано)

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Группа была основана тремя членами семьи Хаас в Ротвайле. Их первый альбом вышел в 1978 году. Обрела известность после выхода хита "Katherine", который пробыл в чартах 18 недель.
Гитарист и вокалист Клеменс Хаас сейчас начал сольную карьеру под именем CLE и дал множество концертов в Германии.
Племянником братьев Хаас является американский актер Лукас Хаас.
Басист Йенс Берневиц и барабанщик Доминик Диас в 1992 году основали вместе с певцом Майклом Вестфалем группу Los Tumpolos и сыграли сотни концертов. Были приглашены в качестве единственной немецкой группы на престижный Регги Sunsplash-фестиваль на Ямайке.
Клавишник и композитор Ули Шмид является инициатором малых художественных проектов.
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Steinwolke were a band of German New Wave, which originated in Rottweil and whose first album was released 1978th They became known mainly through the NDW.
The band was founded by three members of the large family Haas, Clemens Maria (born 6 May 1966), Konrad and Andrew, it finally hit the born in Uganda, Indians and adopted son of the Haas family Dominiquw Diaz and with Uli Schmid (* in Leonberg ), a friend of the band. 1983 appeared the first German-language album of the band, which contained the aforementioned Hit: Katharine, Katharine as a single release reached number 21 in the German charts and held a total of 18 weeks in the charts. This success were largely behind stone cloud after, at least birds and if you want but had high positions in the radio charts were quite successful.

1979: Steinwolke (Eigenvertrieb)
1980: Lionskweet (Eigenvertrieb)
1981: Live (Eigenvertrieb)
1983: Steinwolke (EMI Electrola)
1985: In wilder Zeit (EMI Electrola)
1988: Bitte nicht knicken (Edition Flemu, Castor Music)
1994: In 80 Tagen
2004: Das Beste (Deutsche Austrophon)

1983: Katharine
1984: Zugvögel
1985: Wenn du willst
1985: Millionenmal
1988: Teufel
1989: Viola
1994: Für mich

It appeared one more LP with the title in a wild time (1985), and then Clemens left the band and Andrew Haas.

It was inter alia Today's music producer and bassist Jens Bernewitz it. The next albums, "Please do not bend" (1988), "80 days" (1994), as well as several singles.

In 2004 Conrad Haas published in the German Austrophon the solo album "Sometimes it was heaven," as well as several singles under the name of Konrad Haasenstein cloud '. These were produced by Jens Bernewitz in the Noah-Studios Hanover.

Conrad Haas operates also with the famous actor Bernd Tauber as a duo under the name of the janitor, who play according to his own statements under German rock. The duo specializes in a satirical way to take on German practice's grain and shine with imaginative word games. Conrad Haas is also working as a music producer to continue.

Clemens singer Haas has now started under the name of Cle a solo career.

Bassist and drummer Jens Bernewitz Dominique Diaz founded in 1992 together with singer Michael Westphal, the cult band Los Tumpolos who played hundreds of concerts and have been invited as the only German band to the legendary Reggae Sunsplash festival in Jamaica. Los Tumpolos previously published 4 CDs and several singles. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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