Тексты песен Training For Utopia

Training For Utopia - Brother Hezakiah
2 дня назад 232 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Burning Match In Hand
2 дня назад 225 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Burt Reynolds Vs. Godzilla
3 дня назад 245 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Human Shield
2 дня назад 218 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Modus Operandi
2 дня назад 232 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - New York City Is Overrated
4 дня назад 195 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - One Zero One
день назад 196 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Plastic Soul Impalement
17 часов назад 192 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Single Handed Attempt At Revolution
24 дня назад 189 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Skin Like Winter
3 дня назад 175 (не задано)
Training For Utopia - Two Hands
3 часа назад 191 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Training for Utopia (TFU) was a metalcore and industrial metal band which existed from 1996–2000. They drew comparisons to bands such as meshuggah due to their use of odd time signatures and poly-rythms. The band first signed with Tooth & Nail Records and was later moved to Solid State Records, the Tooth & Nail metal imprint. Training for Utopia subsequently became popular in the metal scene during its active years.

Their brief existence included a tour with Zao and Spitfire. It was during this time that the band hired Carlos Colon for their 1998 tour providing synthesizers to their live show. The result was a chaotic and loud sonic assault that stretched across the United States and back. Immediately following the tour Carlos left the band to pursue other aspirations. After a temporary hiatus the band returned with their second full length "Throwing a Wrench into the American Music Machine". After a small tour of the material the band disbanded.

At the demise of Training for Utopia, members Ryan and Don Clark announced that they were starting a new project called The American Spectator which never was realized. Don and Ryan Clark started "Asterik Studio" in Seattle, a graphic design shop where they completed many projects, including album artwork for former label-mates. In 2002, they founded the metal band Demon Hunter. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.