Тексты песен Tsatthoggua

Tsatthoggua - Seventh solitude
10 часов назад 495 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Worm of sin
день назад 535 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Dionysos` ecstasy
день назад 560 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Trans cunt whip
10 часов назад 560 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Ia o tsatthoggua
2 дня назад 507 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Status sturmer
12 часов назад 429 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - To the credo of inversion
7 дней назад 404 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Golden shower
6 дней назад 501 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Endeavour to pace
18 дней назад 411 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - In dope we trust
3 дня назад 423 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Angel of the universe
день назад 395 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Courtesan mary slut
2 дня назад 409 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Heirs of fire
5 дней назад 434 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - 2000 V Kum
день назад 317 (не задано)
Tsatthoggua - Niemals geboren
18 дней назад 371 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Tsatthoggua was a black metal band obsessed with the BDSM worship. The band was found in 1989 in Marl (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany). Having their name extracted from a Howard Philips Lovecraft work, Tsatthoggua were formed in the city of Marl in 1989 having split-up in the year 2000. They left behind one demo, "Siegeswille" (1995), one EP entitled "German Black Metal" and two full-length albums, "Hosanna Bizarre" (1996), "Trans Cunt Whip" (1998).

A new album "Extazia" (2000) was recorded and finished, but due to bad management on the record label's (Necropolis Records) part, it was never released.

Tsatthoggua split 23rd of June, 2000.

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