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Vendetta Red - Hidden Track
8 дней назад 234 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Caught You Like A Cold
10 дней назад 208 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Forgetiquette
7 дней назад 210 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Lipstick Tourniquets
8 дней назад 195 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Opiate Summer
6 дней назад 205 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Seconds Away
6 дней назад 223 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Shatterday
7 дней назад 208 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Stay Home
3 дня назад 250 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Suicide Party
4 дня назад 233 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - The White Nightmare
2 дня назад 219 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - There Only Is
2 дня назад 211 (не задано)
Vendetta Red - Three Chord Valentine
5 дней назад 206 (не задано)

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Vendetta Red is an alternative rock band which formed in 1998 in Bakersfield, California, United States, though the band resided in Seattle, Washington for most of their career. They were known for their unusual lyrics and frontman Zach Davidson's distinctive vocal style.

Vendetta Red independently released their first record, Blackout Analysis, in 2000, and followed that with White Knuckled Substance in 2001, through Loveless Records. Vendetta Red signed to Epic Records and released their major label debut, Between the Never and the Now, in 2003. Sisters of the Red Death, released in late 2005 before the band's 2006 breakup, charted at #21 on the Top Heatseeker's Chart

After their split, former Vendetta Red members Zach, Leif, and Jeff started the band Sirens Sister.

Vendetta Red reunited in March 2011, playing the entirety of Sisters of the Red Death at El Corazon in Seatle, Washington. They are currently writing a new record and are scheduled to play the 2011 Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival.

Current Members
Zach Davidson - Vocals (Sirens Sister)
Leif Anderson - Guitar (Sirens Sister)
Jonah Bergman - Bass (Schoolyard Heroes)
Burke Thomas - Drums (Megasapien)

Studio Albums
- Blackout Analysis (2000)
- White Knuckled Substance (2001)
- Between the Never and the Now (2003)
- Sisters of the Red Death (2005)

- 6 Kisses, A Blatant Reminder of Why We Are Alive (1999)
- Cut Your Noose EP (2002)
- Shatterday EP (2003) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.