Тексты песен Wade Hayes

Wade Hayes - This Is The Life For Me
10 дней назад 118 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Hurts Don`t It
17 часов назад 99 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Our Time is Coming
10 дней назад 119 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Where Do I Go To Start All Over
9 дней назад 113 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - My Side of Town
3 часа назад 119 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - I Still Do
5 дней назад 82 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - It`s Over My Head
12 дней назад 136 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - The Room
3 дня назад 120 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Undo The Right
12 дней назад 99 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - On a Good Night
19 часов назад 113 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Mine To Lose
11 дней назад 100 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - If I Wanted To Forget
8 дней назад 120 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Tore Up From the Floor Up
13 дней назад 96 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - Summer Was A Bummer
10 дней назад 103 (не задано)
Wade Hayes - One More Night With You
12 дней назад 79 (не задано)

Информация о артисте

Wade Hayes (born on April 20, 1969 in Bethel Acres, Oklahoma) is a multi-talented country music singer. His father, Don, was the leader of the house band at a local nightclub called Charlie’s Palace, where as a young teen Wade learned “the ropes” of playing and singing before a live audience. He was influenced by the work of Merle Haggard, Gary Stewart, Gene Watson, Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

His first months in Nashville were long days of construction jobs and long evenings of gigs in local clubs. Burning the candle at both ends inspired his signature song, “Old Enough to Know Better,” which became the only debut track by a country artist to reach #1 in 1995. Hayes continued to occupy the charts with 6 top ten tunes, including #1 “I’m Still Dancing With You.”

Wade withdrew from the crushing schedule of intense touring to spend more time writing and revitalizing. He’s turning heads on Music Row again with his latest album, “Place to Turn Around.” As producer for this project, he assembled an A-list of musicians to record the 11 songs. He wrote 9 of the tracks, provided the lead vocals and some of the harmonies and played guitar on each of the cuts. That Nashville Sound placed the album on their top 10 list declaring “this is an unexpected gem, the most under-rated album of 2009 for sure.” Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.