Eclipse my heart, crown me king

  black metal  atmospheric black metal  austrian  avant-garde metal  metal
575 3 часа назад

Текст песни Abigor - Eclipse my heart, crown me king

Abigor - Eclipse my heart, crown me king слова песни

Act I: Ritual

Red interludium of pain
Sacrifice for the vein of eternity
Battles of ages revealed
To my third eye
Darkness` treasures as reward for my belief
I faint in final ecstasy
Surrender to the demon of war

Act II: Redemption

Proud and dauntless I stalk
Trough the gate of the nine seals
In the realm of perpetual divinity
A path is destined for me
Now, as I`m not blinded
By gruesome lights of the past
I gaze into the distance
And perseive my destination
For many a castle is obscurity
For me a palace of wisdom
Redeemed from mortal weakness

Act III: Return

Every single christian monument
We lay in ruins
And sweep away the servants of the cross
We are the creators of the dark ages
The revival
Of forgotten century`s eclipse
We rebuilt a somber paradise
Out of the wasteland of god
I bear the millenium`s pain
Pure indulgence
As my mouth opens breathing death

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