Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

  disco  70s  pop  spanish  female vocalists
315 3 часа назад

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Artist/Band Baccara Song title Yes Sir,I Can Boogie Album Baccara Your eyes are full of hesitationSure makes me wonderIf you know what you`re looking for.BabyI wanna keep me reputationI`m a sensationYou try me once, you`ll beg for moreYes Sir, I can boogieBut I need a certain song.I can boogie,Boogie woogieAll night long.Yes Sir, I can boogieIf you stay, you cant`t go wrong.I can boogie,Boogie woogieAll night long.No SirI don`t feel very much like talkingNo, neither walkingYou wanna know if I can danceYes SirAlready told you in the first verseAnd in the chorusBut I will give you one more chance.Yes Sir, I can boogie, ..

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