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Текст песни bile - Feeling Like Sh*t

bile - Feeling Like Sh*t слова песни

living underground and working downtowngot one foot in the gravepunchingkickingshootingstabbingbut there`s no way i`ll be savedmy dream it seems to be turning leanto get back to the topput a gun to my head wishing i was deada bang some blood then stopFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)AGAIN AND AGAINFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)LIKE I NEVER KNEW I CANthis medication that i`ve been taking makes me see things strangehallucinationsbad vibrationsi beg you to make this changethe doctor said about my headyou`ve only got a month to livebut that was 2 years ago and i know that i look like the living deadFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)AGAIN AND AGAINFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)AND I KNOW IM GONNA DIE.................listen to me when i sayi`ve slit my wrist thirteen timesnot once did i succeedthere`s always someone there who claims they carebut i just want to bleedi`m in hell but still alivejust want it to endi`ll stay hurting, and i`ll keep hurtingpain is my friendFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)AGAIN AND AGAINFEELING LIKE SHIT(3x)I JUST WANT TO DIESHITSHITSHITSHITFEELING LIKE SHITAGAIN AND AGAINFEELING LIKE SHITLIKE I NEVER NEW I CANFEELING LIKE SHITAGAIN AND AGAINLOOKING LIKE SHITTALKING LIKE SHITFEELING LIKE SHITAND I JUST WANT TO DIE....................

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