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Текст песни Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch, a - Lyricists Lounge Vol. 1

Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch, a - Lyricists Lounge Vol. 1 слова песни

Typed by: Nature2QBC@aol.com*after 2 minutes of talking*[Bobbito]Yo so let`s get the mic burned, open it up[Black Thought]Yes I, check it outIt`s like, you listen to the musicianUmbilicle mic, my syllable strikes ya visionI take you through a tunnel of thought, wit no supportNow you got caught off guard, by the number one scar for the Illa-FifthLyrically for feelin this, Black Thought yo the skill assistedBy the Mal-ik B, the symbol you remember me to be type validDisasterous, the master just bust this, for the listenerBlack Thought yo, while I exhibit theStyles, from the artist, boast strokes of lyrical darkness, enter the styleSeverin rooms just like apartments, ill flavorI`m a skyscraper by natureDown wit my number one neighbor, Common>From the city of Illinois, you destroy when we bombin, what?Off the top-a, the dome lyric-al don-datta Mr. TrotterAiyyo we gotta lotta MC`s, on the line of this ready to rhymeSo I`m just gon` set go down wit mine, rewind, check it out[Common]I persue sound fairs, relaxed like Dru Down`s hairOther niggas rhymes are like gang signs, I throw down theirsOn Knotts I Landed, players get played like HamletSupposedly nice, taken for granted like lifeI write twice and drop singles in record poolsNiggas I`m dunkin like when cops mingle, fuck hip hop jinglesRhymin big words and not sayin shitThe click that you came in wit, the accent you flavor whippedI got my nigga Tariq, I freak it in the middle of the weekNiggas is weak an` and I start to speakinNiggas start to leakin, my nigga Derek D an`I`m foreseein the future, funky for human beingsLike I was the Biz Mark, I bring the noise illerCom Sense`ll be the rhyme killer, I spill aLittle bit of juice to a MC who need a new producerGot my nigga Y-Not in the spot and I rock like crackI`m ready to attack, Thoughts is BlackNiggas understand the intelligence and relevance to this rhymeI Stretch a nigga all across the line like I was Bobbito or ArmstrongCom`s song`ll keep goin, I start the holdinMy flowin is turnin to earthThe birth is comin through, listenin to cut old school *laughin*?Tremblin when it came down the shoot?[Pharoahe Monch](Pharoahe) Yeah yeah (Pharoahe) yeah yeah(Pharoahe) yeah yeah yoAlways beginnin em, forever blendin them, bendin em again and againSendin em back, lettin em know that minimum wagesSubliminally befriending em for criminal ac-tivityMics I chop like Florida State Seminoles wit criminal factsAnd milly ac-tually I piss on your promotional waxIt`ll be tight but only this, what nigga swears he`s the nicestJust because he got rhyme of the month twiceFour mic devices, the gem star blade the shit slicesRip-trip-chop-chop-chop and dices, AbsoluteAbsolute uh, Absolute uh, Absolute uh (kill it)[Absolute]Yes, rippin the microphoneMy words will enlight your domeWhen I`m quick to strike your home just like CaponeN-Noreaga, wit The War Report, my orrator will slaughter yoursStill waitin for the beat to come in, I`m dangerous like SatanEatin bacon in front of a Muslim, I`ll battle you and your cousinIt`s the beef for black attackWhen I, yes quick to subtract the wackWhen I go from track to track, bouncin in the mounds and coutinFlowin like water from a fountain when I deliverLike water from a river makin you shiverThat`s for sore, the connoisseur rippin ill-literatureYes, but I`m about to get deeperYou`ll catch a ill reflection from listenin too close to the speakerWhen I reach ya, it`s gettin more clearer, outta the era[Black Thought]It`s like this, we keep you open like a parachuteTook a shot of hip hop, it`s AbsoluteFor my man from the House of RepresentativesAnd turn it out, aiyyo I always do, that`s what I`ma bout taDo I show you a style and throw you?For all competitors, Black Thought comin through the seckle cuzI`m the superior style and you inferiorLet me adjust my voice so you can hear me ta--Bust rule the, microphonePure skills, nuttin but it, all of a sudden MC`s just start to studdered from the rap styleHey yo let me rewind check it out, check it outWell it`s the, deranged style that change formats and formsI swarm like killa bees for feelin these fantasies

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Black Thought, Common, Pharoahe Monch, a - Lyricists Lounge Vol. 1
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