Текст песни Blasphemy - Demoniac

Blasphemy - Demoniac слова песни

Son of Satan born of fire living in SodomDemonical youth blackened soul in full controlEvil omen birth of fear change of tideRitual of darkness raise the antiChristOrder of death, bleed the altarDescent of blood summoned to destroyNazareh must die by his commandRising from pits of hell to drink the bloodAntiChrist bornHate from HadesAntiChrist bornFire from HellSon of Hell attack with burning plaguePray upon the torn flesh of innocentKill Christ blood on the cross sacrificeArmeggon of war commence wholy dieBreeding of hate preform the darkest ritesCalling forth the black heart of damnationThe vengeance of war won by Hell incarnateVictory of evil rise demoniacAntiChrist bornHate from HadesAntiChrist bornFire from Hell

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