Текст песни Blasphemy - Goddess Of Perversity

Blasphemy - Goddess Of Perversity слова песни

Lustful bitch from damnation, hell wicked slutDeath bloody orgie thousand virgins cry ecstasy and painForcing the pure to eternal perversion live in sin and evilWitch of the flame cast a blackened spell of serpent of all HellDeceitful wench of darknessCountess of lustSadistic whoreGoddess of perversityBy black light of the moon wholy fetus in ripped from breeding wombAs the blood runs oh, on the pentagram of hate she takes her soulRaping the horns of the master of torment her loins they burnA scream of all pleasures from thrusting of evil spreads her lips wideDeceitful wench of darknessCountess of lustGoddess of perversityPure hate from her veins flows down her thighs come ride the slutform circle of damnedd cut deep the knife ritual of painCult witches dance as the virgins slayed in fireGoddess of perversity preforms the rites of sodomy in Hell

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