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Текст песни Bongzilla - Under The Sun

Bongzilla - Under The Sun слова песни

[Black Sabbath cover]I don`t want no Jesus freak to tell me what it`s aboutNo black magician telling me to get my soul outDon`t believe in violence, I don`t even believe in peaceI`ve opened the door now and my mind has been releasedI don`t want no preacher telling me about the God in the skyI don`t want no one to tell me where I`ll go when I dieI live my life, I don`t want people telling me what to doI believe in myself, `cause no one else is trueEvery day just comes and goesLife is one big overdosePeople drive to ruinationI can see through their frustrationPeople hiding their real facesEach one running their rat raceBehind each flower, there grows a weedIn their world of make-believeBelieve what I tell you, it`s the only way you`ll find in the endBelieve in yourself and you shouldn`t have to pretendDon`t let those empty people interfere with your mindLive your life, leave them all far behind

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