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Текст песни C-Murder, Hollaway (Ghetto Commission), - Young Thugs

C-Murder, Hollaway (Ghetto Commission), - Young Thugs слова песни

(talking)(popeye)Don`t real niggas die, in god we return, but respect the real though, feel thatChorus: Young Thugs You better watch your back before you get yourself mugged`Cause niggas `round here ain`t gon` show u no loveThem niggas ain`t no friend to youAll them niggas wanna do is put a end to you (verse 1: C-Murder)Look at the future, look into the eyes of the men that might shoot yaEven your best friend might do yaWhy take a chance on a man just because he shake your handThem same niggas kill for a grand and i don`t understandAll that friendship shit is played outYou better wake up before you be layed outI know u smoke weed with`em and you trust`em like your brotherBut he ain`t your brother Nigga listen to your motherYou walk around like you big and bad niggaIf you was in jail you might be fag niggaHow can i love you, you don`t love yourselfYou play the game raw fool and its bad for your health(chorus) (2x)(verse 2: Hollaway of the GC`s)Now whats a friend what a patnerHow do tell who`s an imposterA nigga you see rarely could be diggin down your bitch daily, it scares meMy little brothers in that situationTher`s clowns hangin` round because there`s paper in this occupationI done warned ya, the same one you tote wit`Sell your little dope wit`Or get your fuckin` throat slitWanna be a hustler nigga? holla at me, there`s rules to the gameFirst of all don`t FUCK wit` the lameI used to hit the block, glock cock stone in my matchboxHollerin` at them hoes Pullin` flights on po-posBut now im HollawayWith the GC`s until my diein` dayThere`s freedom on the streets if you cherish it try to stay(chorus) (2x)(verse 3: Popeye)Think about when I stood that may be left when i was foldin` my fewJust tryin` to see who lyin` me when i was told that i knewBoldin` my crew between the edge of my future with no returnOn any hella-heart in the flesh but no concern, burnRainy nights and waterfallsTo walk away on a date my daughter callY`all tryin` make a way to slaughter y`all Even though we held up rukus before the battleMade it through pistol poppin` unlockin` i saw your shadow standin`next to me wit just a clipFlallin` beside me couldn`t resist to flipYou held me down but yet we missed a shipReachin` out abusin` my purpose to guide the night crewNotice that I`m a part of your blood and what i might do(chorus) (4x)

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