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Conejo f Venom

City of Angels

204,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Conejo f Venom - City of Angels

Conejo f Venom - City of Angels слова песни

[Conejo]Vigorous attacks[Venom]Sabes que ConejoAin`t nothing like going outAnd handling my business on a stormy nightThey don`t call me Venom for nothing homey[Conejo]That`s rightYou get the grips, I`ll get the ranfla[Venom]Doing jales, like a shower of tormentSevere damage when I come down stormingLeaving vatos damaged top to bottomLike the lost missions in the past have fallenVatos feel my anger, can`t take it anymoreLet`s go get the feria, sound the totes of warThe voice of death, I bring poisonous showersOpponents get no warnings, get devoweredI stay alert, the only plan that worksWhen I put you in the dirt, don`t get caughtEnemigas gotta fall like eighty feet of flagEpidemic is deadly spreading like a plagueKnown fact, the streets run with dangerWhen you`re caught out of bounds, you`re a perfect strangerWe collect, and while I`m out rest in peaceIn the line of fire, I serve the enemiesTempist hurricanes, the juras harbor panicUnseen in the rain, smoking getting at itI managed, ese get down or get shot downI think I`m going insane, walking on the calle in the falling rain[Chorus]Listen to the rhythm of the falling rainStormy nights trouble me with painListen to the rhythm of the falling rainStormy nights trouble me with pain[Conejo]Psychotic weather excecutes the condemdedPeriodically precevied with my theory I attemptWhen it rains it pours, the crime it soarsRelentless conflict, eternal warsPrecisely my thought`s been reflectedIntensive forms, I can feel the stormAnd it`s bending, for I behold the scrollMentally a weapon, semi-auto controlSoy Conejo from the big bad acheAll my enemigas on the serio better watch meHigh explosive battleshipI`m self-propelled, torpedo thoughtsEmbrace the spell, leaves start to fall as the seasons changeSeal off the area, pump the gaugeFrom night to day I cage my rageSicko likes to move for the final phase[Chorus x2][Venom]Can you listen to the rhythm of the falling rainMy homies in the grave trouble me with painCan you listen to the rhythm of the falling rainMy homies in the grave trouble me with pain[Chorus x2][Conejo]That`s rightCheck 1-2, check 1-2[Venom]That`s right homeyThis rain is fucking venemousAnd it`s coming to get you[Conejo]Conejo, VenomWhat you wanna do eseWestside HarpysGet wacked on locationI ain`t joking, got the pistol barrel smokingYa estuvo

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