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Текст песни Dan-e-o f Shamon Harage, Charisma, Spida - Kama Sutra

Dan-e-o f Shamon Harage, Charisma, Spida - Kama Sutra слова песни

[DR. JAY]Yeah yeah! This is Dr.Jay reppin` the Soca Prince and when I`m live withmy bredrens, Monolith, Urban Bounce and Red Rat, Oh No! it`s all aboutgirls "bye d`plenty" and you see right now, it`s all about the Kama Sutra!So ladies I only wanna see some sexy positions when you whinin` right!Hey, whine yuh waist now, ay yi yi![SHAMON HARAGE]Long ago, in the hearts of ScarboroughSweet mama rushing me hard like El DiguardoShe look good, thinking sicker thoughts than Paul BernardoBackground Barbados, from Esplanade thoughThick lips, fat ass and knee high boots from AldoMake a brother pack a thicker one, it`s DesperadoThe words I may borrow ain`t from the heart thoughThe only thing I`m kissing tomorrow is a MarlboroPresent love life don`t concern me or the MonoFuck `em and leave `em, and then I`m gone, that`s the mottoRishaard`s like a soldier, hold you it`s thunderRecognize the big dog respect that I`m under[CHARISMA]"When you coming back, Charisma?"Hush up your lip young sister, just whisperBawlin` out my name in jam like I miss yaW`happen to you idiot gyal? Me never kiss yaYou`re just a round the way jookMe a go please her once and she hookTime to release her, now she all shookThis little skeaser, me she gon` book?Please! Recognize my steez, no time for dramaToo many big booty bashment beans in TorontoEyeing these Chinese, GuyaneseNever crave no vanilla just black cake and browniesFrom around the way, always had to playNever had to pay, practicallyGot the crown to make every brown girl say"Kush kush huta hai!"[CHORUS - 2X]Been watchin` you girls all night (all night)You and all your friends look right (alright)Hairstyle and outfit look tightAlright, we doin` mad moves from the Kama Sutra[SPIDAHMAN]She has the Carib in she hand and she workin` she rassand she playin she mass "Oh gosh darling"Can`t let you pass without taking a dance"well then, come on nah man" "Jeez and ages!"Me feel the Badung Badang when me get in the back, almost rub off me pants!"Oh gosh", now what you name? "Shanti"5`5, brown eyes, got a nice bamseyOff the high wine do a low wine nastyGrab me by the ganzi, head back to the gatesThe way that ass a shake I had to mash up the paddicake!(Uh huh) I had to mash up the paddicake, ya heard![GRIMACE LOVE]When I stepped in the placeShe show me love and tell me,"don`t bother moving with hasteTake time" But, my mind deh pon she wineShe waistline, how she twist up she behindThis young flesh got me wet up with sweatVex and upset, close to death, losing breathSo we jet from the fete to my spotDone talk! Lip lock!Preparing for shots, like she hearing gun talkOh scunt Tracey, baby, girl you amaze meThe Douglah bubblah come to trouble ya lady"Maybe we`ll chill out and shoot the breeze?"You crazy? I give she what she need indeed![CHORUS][DAN-E-O]Caribana weekend, Yonge Street flooded with joobiesMono man reach late but still lookin` for goodiesSo many batty and boobies we could rub come autumnWant gyal like my song, dem hafi have big bottomLook over so, "watch ya", you know di gyal butterI wonder where she from, Guyana or Calcutta?She have a wild bumper, you know say me wan crush herShe remind of a gyal I once knew, but me nah UsherSo listen here baby, me wan somethin` fi go downSo sweet gyal, you make me wan sing "Sugar Bum""Sugar Bum, Sugar Bum Bum" gyal when we meetMe go treat you like this record and give you a nice beat![RED RAT]It`s the Rat! Oh No!Yo, long time me a watch you through me binocularWonder if you like me seeing you`re so popularBut me know me gotta get the number to your NokiaKnow me a bachelor still want you sloppy yahStraight up, nah hold back, me wan give you di cocky yahBooty like Jackie make you wine pon mi rockulahDon`t worry, me nah bite, nah me nah DraculaWant get knock ya? Sit down pon me lap yahWhooo! On your mark get set, don`t fretTime to get soakin` wet! Aaaah!All you want, you goin` get, exceptDat me nah cat, me nah petLet`s bet who come first goin` winOn your mark, let`s get go, Zing!Take this, take that, ride me riddimHold on, me win! Hold on, me win![CHORUS - 2X]

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Dan-e-o f Shamon Harage, Charisma, Spida - Kama Sutra
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