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DJ Paul

Flaugin Ass Niggas/Bitches

  hardcore  hip-hop  rap  gabber  memphis
338,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни DJ Paul - Flaugin Ass Niggas/Bitches

DJ Paul - Flaugin Ass Niggas/Bitches слова песни

(DJ Paul)It is I my sonThe king of the motherfuckin` "M" awakenedby all you hatin ass hoes you bitch youAnd its going motherfuckin` downFor all you motherfuckin wannabe Hypnotize Camp Posse ass niggasWho we got in this motherfucker count out(Crunchy Blake)Crunchy Blake up in this bitch(Lord Infamous)Lord soldier(La Chat)A real treal bitch(Frazer Boy)You got frazy boy in this motherfuckerlike to ride on you bitch made niggas(Lord Infamous)Nigga get all yo boys, Tell them to bring all there gunsAnd being y`all some hoes, I got to eat`um when we comeWhen I don`t tuck it, Yo pressure point with 44 slugsOn this *** I`m feelin this commented by this thugHead bust put yea, In mudda huhIt`s the rip yea for a hour, Leave yea skull fucked upPlus I`ll double bust, to yo nuts, cough`em up SLUTDrop the needle and then I`m callin Triple Six up(La Chat)Who run it, I know you know, Quite playin you hatin hoeLa Chat can`t take no mo, We brangin it to the doorI got the tech 9, 45 can`t forget the A.KFin to take you to the streets, No you bitches clean awayMan I`m sick`in tired of you talking I`m up and on my donkinIs it you that I would be stalking, I`m walkin, bitches walkinHope you niggas payin attention to everything I mentionShit I`m up and full of dat shit and I`m going on a mission(Juicy J)Now sippin on some gin and some mo, and some moWatchin niggas in the room snotin blow, snotin blowThey got weed, and its already rolled, ready rolledQuit baby sitting that doe, that doeNow I`m so fuckin buzzed I`m bout to faint, bout to faintSittin back watchin R. Kelly tapes, Kelly tapesNow everytime you see a player we be high, we be highSo come and get a piece of nigga pie, nigga pie(Frazer Boy)I be sycophantic, don`t you panic, you can`t handle itSo god damn it, you can`t stand it, leave you strandedPush up nigga you been bradin, I been pacin you are facinFuckin killer in your placin, heart is racin, y`all be racinBoth to catch another casin, kill and nigga, drill a niggaFell me nigga, I don`t give a fuck about what you said I`m the illest niggaPistol bucker, drama lovin, poppa sucka, motherfucker, like no otherI`m a lethal weapon, like I`m Danny Glover(Crunchy Blake)Nigga let me tell you my specialty, my specialtyIts getting you niggas, lock and load with the gun and pullin the triggerHow the fuck you figure, that a nigga ain`t robbin you niggaWhen I`m out here, tryin to get life dicka dickaYo body up when I kill ya niggashouldn`t talked that shit cause I pull the triggerHow the fuck y`all niggaswanna go to war when y`all ain`t bad enough for us boy(DJ Paul)See I`m the kings of kings, scare crows the lord of usAnd fuckin up in my kindom is something you can`t affordTryin to compete with hypnotize man, I wouldn`t even try thatMy low keys cost 70 G`s nigga can you buy thatYou wonder why I had the for sale sign in the yard, bitch I sold my cribMy new house cost 1 million, and this some king shit, mtv crib shitYo mouth done dropped, you start to drool you need a bib bitchBefore you dis me nigga turn yo pockets inside out, clean yo shoes and youpants bring the starch right outCause I`m the K.O.M., you wishin you was down with this clickBut you choose other wise so you a clown to this clickIn the streets nigga you get nothing but frowns from this clickAnd we done covered all sides of this country you bitchSo if you ever get a chance to get your source out rightYou`ll be like me nigga Nas all you`ll have is one mic(all together speaking)

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