Double You

Got To Love

  eurodance  dance  90s  pop  electronic
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Текст песни Double You - Got To Love

Double You - Got To Love слова песни

You make me feelLove, love is dangerwhen it is like a strangerbeware of what you dobefore you`re hearts broken in twoFight, beware you`re swallowedget rid all your sorrowgo back on the attackor else she won`t come backLove, love is angerit kills you like a strangerbecuse it has no mercyall it can do is curse meFight and don`t surrenderstand up and just remembergo back on the attackor else she won`t come backChorus II`ve got, I`ve got no loveI`m trying to talk to youRepeat Chorus IChorus IIEverybody has got to love someone (2x)Repeat Chorus IIRepeat Chorus I (2x)Repeat Chorus II (4x)Repeat Chorus I (4x)You make me feel

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