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Текст песни Eddy Arnold - For My Woman`s Love

Eddy Arnold - For My Woman`s Love слова песни

(Ben Peters)

Like the first apartment that we had
That bompy little couch that made into a bed
Shower down the hall and footsteps through the wood
She said, "It`s just fine."
Times were hard for us for quite a while
But through those hungry days she faced it with a smile
Not wantin` me to knpow she`s carrying my child
She tried to ease my mind.

And for my woman`s love
For my woman`s love
Each day I thank the Lord above
For my sweet woman`s love.

Through the years of moving town to town
Still searchin` for a dream somehow we never found
And wondering if we would ever settle down
Her love never died.
And if I have many things today
I owe it to the love I had along the way
No matter what went wrong, no matter come what may
She stood by my side...

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