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Текст песни Eddy Arnold - You Fool

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(Martha Sharp)

Your walls are lined with pictures of your triumphs through the years
Your doors is bolted tight against all wordly want and fear
But you left your passion and your pain with your first love back in school
You fool, you fool.

In your penthouse high from the dirty streets I swear you`ll never find
The answers to the questions that muddy up your mind
For your window shades are drawn upon the wicked and the cruel
You fool, you fool.

You give your share the charity without a second thought
And you are kind to animals for that`s what you`ve been taught
But all your real emotion you proudly overrule
You fool, you fool.

You`ve planned your life so carefully for society`s delight
And still you can`t quite understand why things just don`t seem right
It`s a love made fresh out homemade bread will sat aside to cool
You fool, you fool, you fool...

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