Bonfire Of The Insanities

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Текст песни Exmortem - Bonfire Of The Insanities

Exmortem - Bonfire Of The Insanities слова песни

The trickster has shown his flagHe is the challengerDeath`s winged commander?A master of disguiseYou see witches in my eyesDancing high above what is saneKilling them would be likeKilling myselfWelcome to the land of the wickedWe are living in the shadowsWhere darkness bear the crownWe have chosen the chaos pathShadowlandsMultidepressive visionsInsanity is raging your thoughtsIs it a demon on the insideOr "reality" that doesn`t understandBonfire of the insanitiesWe are living on borrowed timeNavigators in troubled watersBetter living throughChaos

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