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Текст песни Front Line Assembly - Liquid seperation

Front Line Assembly - Liquid seperation слова песни

Deep into The Blackest Matter
Where No One Can Breathe

Where G-Forces Rip Out Your Lungs
And Your Brain Starts to Freeze

Deprived of Vital Oxygen
Your Mind Starts to Drift

Sinking Into A Sleep
Your Pulse Grows Weak

This Form We Live in
Is A Fragile Creation
This Euphoric Sensation
Is Liquid Seperation

A Flashing Occurs
Right in Front of Your Eyes
The Final Moment if Truth Comes Time
Never Lies

A Memory Retaining a Love You Had for Life
As Cruel as It Seems Nothing Ever Seems to
Go Right

Deep Penetration
A Dying Sensation, In Sight

Your Blood Stops to Flow
And Now Your Body Lets Go

Colder and Colder Your Hands Turn to Ice

Casting A Shadow
Your Soul Sees the Light

Retrovision Is so Misgiven
Retrovision too Late for Decision

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