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Текст песни Front Line Assembly - Prophecy

Front Line Assembly - Prophecy слова песни

A living giving corpse so weak
A sacred path where do we fall
Desired anguish fear of live
Makes morthyrs of us all
Delusioned prayers fill the air
A hopeful soul is hard to see
Human cruelty frozen in time
A world so hard to feed


Nothing seems to matter
The rain begins to fall
Nothing to believe in
Even angels learn to fall

A trantic march into the sea
Being hunted to extinction
This human bond of frail mortality
A tarnished ground of true conviction
A teardrop falls behind closed walls
There`s so much more of life to see
The closing of the door
The mind and so much more
a broken moment to believe

[2x Chorus]

Torment and anger
Runs through my viens
Leaving me cold inside
Surrender your feeling
Unfolding is the veil
Turning love to despair
This anger
A silent rage
This anger
A silent rate

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