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Текст песни Front Line Assembly - Re-animate

Front Line Assembly - Re-animate слова песни

"By the perception of illusion we experience reality."

Champs of oppression
Devils of mine
The youth of tomorrow
??? to find

Reanimate, reanimate
Corroded minds
??? desire
We`re all so blind

Terminate the feelings pressures of life
Search for something you just can`t find

Living heads
I feel the knife
Swift percision.
Come alive

Whisper youth
Your all eternal
Buried inside

See your face
Perception lies still
Time to choose
A new kill

??? of oppression
??? of fear
A new stage of silence
I see it clear

I feel no pain!
I feel no pain!

I feel no pain
Beyond the realm

Melted bodies
Twisted in ruins
Calm deceit
The city of death

Reanimate, reanimate
Reanimate your fear

I feel no pain

Feared existence
A crippled back
I feel no pain
The pain on my back

Reanimate, reanimate
Reanimate your fear

I feel no pain
I feel no pain

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