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Hell Razah f Killah Priest

Ghetto Government

236,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Hell Razah f Killah Priest - Ghetto Government

Hell Razah f Killah Priest - Ghetto Government слова песни

"They got me so uptight" --> unknown singer[Chorus 1: Hell Razah]We form the ghetto governmentYou either hate us or you lovin itGhetto government for those who strugglin*Repeat 4X*[Hell Razah (Killah Priest)]We form a congress wit our conscienceHere to fight against Eden for our freedom til it get accomplished(We make the whole world astonishedSee us with our Macabee-an garmentsThey bow down and pay homage, we God sentMovin through this evil world with a compassNiggaz die over nonsense, when the Koran spit)We hit ya soul like a Vietnam hitThe Whitehouse be The ProjectsWe study all that evil dialectDead sea scrolls of a prophetWith the mindstate we movin objectsIt be the livin word that`s heard in your eardrumsYou gotta digest (Which king gotta die next?I`m on the street corner taking side bets>From set-trippin, Angels of Death slip inWhich that cat wit the tech grippinWe straight Crippin, blue flags and duragsOther cats got they red out, cars sped out)[Chorus 2: Killah Priest *singing*]I am king of BethlehemWe sit upon the throneThousands die before usThis is a story of a fallen kingdom*Repeat 2X*[Killah Priest]A Full Moon glows, light reflects off of my GoldSeven men with Shields of David on top of they postSoft wind blows, breath through my silk blue robeAfter I feast, fall asleep between my seven pillowsFeel my eyes close, then a motion picture screen showSee the world like looking through a foggy windowSee a large cliff of thugs, some Crips and some BloodsNeantha`s, Latin kings, broken homes and shattered dreamsThey gather in teams around Jacob`s LadderSet up robots and make them scatterCops watch them on they TV camerasThey move in one mannerWhen the speak, rhinos stand upThrow they hands up and make the cops take off they handcuffsOther thugs thats trapped up in back of vans and the busOn their way to Riker`s, am I enlighther?It`s now life, I`m put in ciphersever since I was put in diapersOver six million passengers ships from AfricaAfter the Jerusalem massacreAfter King Soloman we wore lavenderSee the David from the slaveshipsNow they call us Africans `cause or skin match with themBut that`s a lot of foolish, so they can over rule us[Chorus 2][Chorus 1: 2X][Hell Razah]Knights at the square table, share bread at last supperLost seek to fulfill their prophecies, sufferWe discuss the proverbs in Soloman`s wordsLivin in visions of Daniel, revelation dreamsHebrew kings choppin off the eagle wingsSecond excellence, no more, sex, lies, drugs and pestilenceMy evidence, my own testament, written on woodTwelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoodsIdol worshippers, blasphemers, thieves and murderersAdulterers, holdin sexuals in land burglerersNew York City dressed pretty with `lectricityBlackout, computers shut down, 2000 assed outReset the internet chip, communication witGabrielle in a spaceship, from a basementApocalypse child, wars any sore playgroundJews and gentles, fed Generation X-FilesCuz me and wisdom got a loyal marriageWe not Africans, Indians nor we ArabsWhat?[Chorus 1: 4X]

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