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InI f Meccalicious

Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)

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Текст песни InI f Meccalicious - Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)

InI f Meccalicious - Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix) слова песни

[Pete Rock]One two, InI`s in the placeWith the PR, check it outOn the Fakin Jax remixFor the nine-six, InI with the flavorLyrically gifted with the rhyme, in due time, will conquerMany rap styles for all you fake rap criminalsThe captain of the ship, for the nine-six we ripInI and Pete Rock son -- so recognize that we hipGo on and on, check the lyrics to the songNo jack moves here Dunn, I`m still number onePut your cap to the back, your phony hardcore rapsI`m specializin in funk black (what) I`m ready to attack[InI]Yeah, enter the minds of young brothers determinedTo rid the world, of all hip-hop verminExtermination courtesy of prodigals sons collectin fundsWithout the use of handguns, butBe alarmed they`ll put a chip in your armScenes of a new world make the niggaz hair curl for realI wanna put the wicked right on they backsSo now is not the time for I to fake the jaxChorus: repeat 4X("I don`t fake jax kid, you know I bring it to you live Thirsty for recognition" - Mobb Deep)[InI]Check it, you thought you`d succeed or progressLivin for material things but it`s obviousYou go to extremes in the processAcuse others, when it`s you showin your true colorsBusy sellin your dreams, but all your creamContributes to your lack of self-esteemSo it would seem, but every day of the week, you act differentEvery word that you speak, it`s twisted, check itFrontin what, you love to performBut when the crowd`s gone, word is bond, you get your merc onIs this the real definition of what a snake isPolitickin makin papers, but check itIt didn`t work with the fake ass smirkSee the meek shall inherit the earth, for what it`s worthSo turn around cause you backwards, you heard what the facts wasYou fakin jax son, it`s like thatChorus[InI]You`re worth lead if you can`t bring home the cake to get the youths fedWe used to harvest now it`s work insteadSo, to get ahead to hit the nail on the head, it`s hard workCause America jerks, takin tax and perps out the checkSo father sweats from workin for the nextJust to connect, so man listenA comfortable position`s what I`m afterSo all the while, I`m preparin myself to meet the masterIt can`t wait for the outcome, from moves you madeIt seemed very evident your style was kind of hesitantInferior, now you starin at superiorIn a fix in the mix with no tricksSo what now? As I raise the eyebrowYou`re beefin like a cow you wanna get the know-howBut what`s next, usually the gun powAnd that`s far from real, because respect`s the deal[Meccalicious]Hold it down, represent, fuck thatLive your life, get bent, movementAcross lands and seas, I seen the evergreen leavesNote free from everyday footstepsWild the heavens and get held back, got us on they hostileActing wild, to civilize in the do or dieThink about who gets torn out the frame like damesSay it ain`t so Shane, all we lose is the propanePush the crowd, squeeze the wackShatter the thought, taste the line to form with two fliesFrom nights with the get-high, off the talk got my walkDown pat, you scared that the world`s flatDegrees, meridians, and equators, perhapsInI and The Creator, is just too lax (fakin no jax)In your pattern, however it happenedYou`ll see me on Saturn, before I fake Jackson`sChorus: fade to end

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InI f Meccalicious - Fakin Jax (Bop Ya Head Remix)
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