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Текст песни J-Kwon f Sadiyyah - You & Me

J-Kwon f Sadiyyah - You & Me слова песни

[Intro]I mean, I just need to talk to you right nowYeah, yeah, where I beginRight, yeah, yeah[Verse 1]Sunny day, age 14When I first saw you, you was lickin a ice creamKnew you had freak in ya blood from the get goYo` you showed a nigga some love from the get goCute too, so you ain`t get caught in the imageFriends got in I shouldnt of tossed out our businessSo religious, yeahIn other words, sorry couldnt explain the way I was feelinBack to the story - `member when we used to hit concertsMainly legit and Nore`sTryin to get on that was exciting for meAnd exciting for you that was something to seePlus you had ass and I loved thatBack in this I was ya boyfriend I rubbed thatTryin to get on, girl I accheived thatEverybody hands out from you I recieved that[Chorus- Sadiyyah]Don`t need no ice and no billieI just wanna have you here wit meI`m there for you, always be trueIt`s just you and me, you and me (I can`t promise that)You don`t have to go doubble platinumI`ll be there and I`m always goin` back em`I`m there for you, always be trueIt`s just you and me you and me (I can`t promise that)[Verse 2]So I know just becauseHow you said them words it had to be loveBasically it had to be usAgainst the world not giving two fucksBut know soon as shit picked upI start actin different so you switched upI don`t blame you, but I blame usKept shit smooth even when it got roughBut, I don`t see that no moreGot one half our wait hope he soreWhat the fuck is hopin` forWhen I can`t be the man I used to be no moreNo time, we don`t go out to eat no moreBarely home, you don`t see me before you sleep no moreYou love me, and I know you ain`t playinCuz the first week gone, you callin` me sayin`[Chorus][Verse 3]Business got good, but we got badMoney got happy, but we got sadBut in the midst we had a daughterEvern though we floatin` clear like ocean waterCame home two bags of FendiIt was gone that started to offend meChild support hit, that really offend mePuffy was right it`s all about the benjie`sBitter now cuz the loves still in meIn my boxers on couch, sippin` RemyThinkin` that she need to be killed like KennedyThen I listen to I got the remedyAfter all I still give you what you need, cuz we got a daughter to feedThough you supposed to be here at least you sold me thatWhy the fuck did I listen when you told me that stupid[Chorus 2x][J-Kwon talkin over music]You know, you feal my storyWrite me or something ya know what I`m sayinOr I`ll be in a town near you or, orYour town or whatever ya knowCome see me and come tell me that ya knowIt`s been a long time travelingThough you was supposed to be hereSo uh, ya family can`t say I`m wrong

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J-Kwon f Sadiyyah - You & Me
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