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reel | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3

  post-hardcore  post-punk  indie rock  dischord  indie  post-hardcore  post-punk  indie rock  dischord  indie
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Текст песни jawbox - reel | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3

jawbox - reel | текст песни и табы (аккорды) для гитары и Mp3 слова песни

From: Bizumnah@aol.comDate: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 20:56:42 -0400Subject: reel_tab/crd.This is a song by Jawbox off their 3rd album for your own special sweetheart. It`s my favorite, and I`m probably playing it wrong. But if so it`s notthat wrong, and it`s very passible. "Reel" by Jawbox figured out, andtranscibed(as always)by Chris Sullivan.chords:D5/A D5/A D5/C D5/B e e e eb b b b g7 g7 g7 g7d7 d7 d7 d7a5 a5 ax axe6 e5 e8 e7D5/A / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /listen there is no use in trying to explain*(at astrik guitar2 kicks in) Guitar 2ebg|:9b-(10)---7:| it could be a hammer on instead of a benddaeD5/A D5/A D5/C D5/Bto let out blood she thought it made her bad, D5/A D5/A F5(8fret) F5/Cor maybe just to cut you out instead, keep you head...C/// F///cauterize wounds you hide... ...clean show no way insidee5-----3------5--5--------1-----3--:| 5-----3-----5-----5-----5-----5-5--5b----3------3------------1------1--1:| ----3----3-----6---6-5---5--6-6--6g--3------3-----3-----2-----2-------:| --3-----3----3--------------------7--5daeIt`s basicly the same for the second verse and the ending, just some timingdifferences.G5/////////////// B5/// D5/// G5/////////////// D5/// C5///reel on a repeating loop, reel on a repeating loop....That`s basicly it. In the intro he might hit the open b&e strings though.

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