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Текст песни Juelz Santana - Who Am I

Juelz Santana - Who Am I слова песни

uh huh santana i like that man

ba da buda

thats hot

who am i
who am i
i think a man shuld neva neva cry(u think niggaz dont cry man)
we do yea man
i gotta get my thoughts 2getha man
i b thinkin alot man light up a blunt
i b lyin sumtimes to but its like
the time is now my grind is here shit my body is focused my mind
in gear lets started im movin @ n instopable pace i managed to
reach top of the race b4 it started damn
cold hearted man rip apart ur man for the green dolla play whereeva
my target stand holla shoot and move from whereeva my targets
land damn shit i c ghosts when i sleep its real i gotta wake
up juz to kno i was sleep holdin the heat cold sweat all in my
sheets thats why i paint the most vividest pictures for my niggaz
my bitches n the same position i live in no oil in hot water
juz bolin hot water shit cookin coke to the oil in hot water
shit but who am i man
i cry to man wat the fuck is wrong wit yall

who am i who am i i think a man shuld neva eva cry

((talk about real shit so fuck wit me but atleast most of the
time we do talk bout sum bull shit to man ya kno))

yo i live the live of a loner with a rigeous pastoner but still
sell crack rite on the corner my life consists of a big puzzle
thats mixed up big bucks big drugs if i get caught then its big
cuffs big bail n get tough i get out shit wat shit sucked damn
i need to find anotherr road to follow 1 thats new and strong
not old n hallow oo as i hold this bottle n smoke this refferr
i listen to sum old alyiah i sayy ((this shit is crazy man))n
a tear comes trembellin down if u aint seen a man cry well u
witnessin it now shit this aint game from the heart this is pain
from the heart this is for u damn came from the heart so who
am i


u kno whoz seen me cry the most my motherr mann
she watched me cry alot man yea i cryed a whole lot round moms too

yo yo mammii i juz want u to kno im in love wit u so if u wasnt
here id b in luv wit ur soul my angel mamii id die faithful juz
knowin sum1 wuld try to vialate u i slidd eights u a side of
ur face u squeez n rip aside a part of ur face u id take the
slug eat a bullet id swallow the gun shit u gotta kno im ur son
damn this type of luv can only come from ur son hold up mammii
im twisted im drunk listen come on man listen to me damn talk
to me once again man but its more than the liquer n me shit i
got to get it 2getha i was fallin off with drunkk words n sober
thoughts so im still speakin the truth n wat im still speakin
is tru this is ur youngest son speakin to u mamii talk to me
i told u i luv that


id done spoke to u all enoughh man
i think now u kno why we cry
game cut this shit off

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