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Текст песни Lil` Kim f Governor and Shelene Thomas ( - La Bella Mafia

Lil` Kim f Governor and Shelene Thomas ( - La Bella Mafia слова песни

[Intro]It`s a new dayAnd all you gossipin backstabbin habitual hatersYou`re all history (hissss-to-ry)So you can hate, or hail the Queen (all hail, the Queen)But it don`t matter (but it don`t matter)Cause you ain`t got nuttin, for us (you ain`t got nothin.. for us)So as long as you live, remember this[Chorus: Shelene Thomas]You can`t fuck with Queen Bee.. Queen Bee.. Queen Bee!All you haters will see.. see.. see![Lil` Kim]Don`t be mad, I can`t put this - money in a casketI can`t put these - cars in a box with the ashesI can`t take these diamonds with me when I dayI can`t build that pretty white house in the skyI know you wishin that you wrote this songBut these same words comin from you, would be a jokeYou better off takin heed from your boy JadaI know you, hate dyin - but you gon` die a haterI got a vision, I think for the future baby pahY`all nearsighted, lotta y`all, can`t see that farRocks like the street light - baby watch `em glowRed yellow and green - don`t know whether to stop or goI`m a chameleon, I got many styles of rhymesLike a bottle of fine wine I just get better with timeFrom "Hardcore" to "Notorious" you studied my flowAnd still..[Chorus] + Governor ad libs[Lil` Kim]Whether ya, slingin the rock or you got a wicked jump shotOr just a fiend for this Queen Bitch of hip-hopKimmie bag dudes from the barbershop to the car showThe industry, down to Wall StreetThey ask:[Governor]What is she like, what does she need?What is her type, I wanna give it to her, tell her pleaseBe my girl, I`ll give her anythingWhatever her heart desires, in this whole world[Lil` Kim]Just cause you ain`t a millionaire don`t mean you can`t competeYou ain`t gotta be filthy rich, but you can`t be cheapI like a man that can stand on his own two feetGot a strong business mind, straight out the streetsHe gotta have security, power and wealthCause I can do bad by my God damn selfAnd if you spiritual, got a good heart and can make me laughAnd can fuck..[Chorus Two: Shelene Thomas] + (Governor)You can get with Queen Bee.. (y`all can get with Queen Bee)Queen Bee.. (yeah, ye yeah) Queen Bee! (awww)Take you to ecstasy (she gon` take y`all to ecstasy)Ecstasy.. (do it to `em Queen Bee) Ecstasy!(Yeah.. it`s yo` time baby, it`s yo` time girl!)[Lil` Kim]Ain`t nuttin gon` change, my name, gon` get biggerIt`s in the cards for Lil` Kim to get richer, and richerSo like it or not, I am who I amWhen I die hold my body in the Brooklyn MuseumNow take it to the bridge[Full Force] + (Lil` Kim)Baye-ya-da, da, da-da-dahhhhh(Don`t that feel good?)(Full Force sing the break one more time, c`mon, c`mon)Baye-ya-da, da, da-da-dahhhhh(Don`t that sound so nice?)[Chorus] + various ad libs by Kim and Governor[Chorus Two] + ad libs by all artists[Shelene] + (Governor)Gotta let `em knowLet `em knowowwwww (let `em know Bee!)Can`t see the Queen (Give it to `em Bee)Queen Bee (give it to `em Bee) Queen Bee! (yea yea, yeah)(Governor)

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