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Текст песни Lil Mario - Hataz Ain`t Gon Like It

Lil Mario - Hataz Ain`t Gon Like It слова песни

[Hook - 2x]These haters ain`t gon like itYou better talk to a psychicIf you think, you can`t figure outLil Yo next move, you crazaaaaaay[Lil Mario]I got these punk ass niggas, trying to figure me outWhat Lil` Yo coming with, or when that boy gon dropWell here it is motherfucker, this Street Fame 3And ain`t no nigga on the streets, going harder than meYou niggas fairy tale rappers, and I see through y`allGarden City been known, for breaking bitch niggas jawsAnd I don`t talk to hoe niggas, who talk too muchOn the other line drunk, giving info upYo what you coming with next, bitch wait and seeAnd it ain`t official nigga, unless you heard it from meI`m the Northstar kid, been hated by manyBut they don`t want none of Yo, man I know y`all feel me[Hook - 2x][Lil Mario]Crazy they must be, I had enough GRecollecting the game, that these O.G.`s taught meLay low, fight my case and I`m readyATW the corner, and stack feddyI`m back on my game, so tell all your friendsLil Mario done popped up, once againThat boy`s a young G, can`t count him outMove dope when it`s good, move c.d.`s in a droughtFrom Gulfbank to Garden City, represent all thatAnd everythang I done lost, bitch I`m getting it backI want my plack, and my throne and the titleLittle kids up in the ghetto look up to me, so I`m a idolAnd I hold it down for them, everytime I breatheCause I know, they got they faith in meAnd I`d never tell y`all, what`s written down for my plansCause y`all might start talking my hand, know I`m saying[Hook - 2x]

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