Mo Thugs And Family

Ghetto Cowboy

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Chorus:You better count your money. You better count money (ghetto cowboy)(ghettocowboy) 4xKrayzie:Tha name is KrayzieBig Bad Ass BoneWanted up north for all the gold that I stoleAlong with some cashEven took the mayor`s daughterNow that theres kidnappinBut she was wid it so I brought herDone got myself into a whole heap of troubleDouble crossed by the law so theres nobody to run toYeah, its just me and my sawed off shotgunOutlaw, call him Leather FaceIm headed for the westHeard they gotta couple banks in town that ain`t been held up yetWell uh, I oughta make it by sundownI figure that`s enough time to get tha whole run downSo I continue my missionIts gettin dark so now Im watchin for them damn InjunsThey like to catch yaThen they rob and splitI be a rootin tootin shootin damn foolProtectin my chipsAll of a suddenI heard somebody rumble in the bushesStop my horseWhoa Nellie!Who in the bushes?Ya betta speak outOr Ima let my shotgun song sing outThug Queen:Who is this?Hope this ain`t tha lawDrawed out tha bushes with my sawed off shotgunKrayzie:Come on outRight now, Im gettin angryTook a step back cuz it could get dangerousThug Queen:Please don`t shoot its just me, Thug Queen, a horse stealerKrayzie:Then why the hell is you hidin in them bushes?Thug Queen:Im wanted in four countiesFor armed robberyKilled 2 sheriffs, 6 of his best men with my handsStole 2 horsesThought you was the lawThats why I jumped in tha bushesKrayzie:GoodnessNow she was hotter than a barrel of fireBut I could use her for the jobSo I told her to rideC`monThug Queen:May I ask whatcha headin to the west for?Krayzie:I got a partnaGot a plan for some doAnd if ya downYou can pick up yourself a pretty pennyBe in town in a minuteSo be sure if you`re wid itThug Queen:We out before the sunriseGotta style hereFor your partna to rideHit tha saloon for the moonshineDown for whatevaLets ride (lets ride)Krayzie:These directions say we to Tucson, ArizonaWhen we arriveIll cop a place we can bunkMeet my boy in tha morninFor details and hook upChorus 2XKrayzie:Rise and shineGood mornin, Howdy9 o clock we meet my boy in tha saloon in tha valleyNow I done came a long wayAnd I don`t wanna be lateThug Queen:Time I make em tokensYou know we ain`tKrayzie:Move OutGiddy up, giddy up, giddy up (4X)ChorusLayzie:Im peepin Krayzies wanted poster in tha saloonSo I assumeItll be trouble round here pretty soonGlance across the roomI see this youngsta gettin ready to fireBut if he messin tonightI think that Krayzie just might take his lifeSo I approach him and I pauseLook manI really don`t wanna brawlSo wont ya chill before them lawsCome messin up this masta planSince he already rowdyI just asked the man (HEY)You want some work?Well partna put in your bidAnd by the way now whats your name?They call me Layzie the KidPowder:Tha names Powder PCan I get a 12 guage?Outlawd everydayOn the front pageNow Mr. KidIf you give me the lowdownMe and BlackjackBe ready for the showdownWith 2 double barrels pointed at whatevaWe stick togethaIm perty clevaLayzie:So saddle upJump on the band wagonCuz its all goin downI heard a guy run in the bar screamin "Krayzie`s in town"Krayzie:Now when we get to the saloonYou don`t worryWait outsideAnd don`t be stealin nobody`s damn horsesStep inside tha barLayzie Kid you son of a gunLayzie:hey man, Im glad you made it safelyNow lets go have some funAnd heres my partna PowderHes a young gunPowder:HowdyKrayzie:Mighty glad to meet ya sonOh yeahYou know I also brought a friend alongMeet Thug Queen the horse peddlerStraggler, just met herThug Queen:Howdy partnaAlready got tha horses saddled upLayzie:I hope youre good at robbin banksLike you rustle that cattle upPowder:Now yallIts gon be gettin dark real soonKrayzie:I think you`re rightI say we moveC`monLet`s move outGiddy up, giddy up, giddy up,Move outGiddy up, giddy up, giddy up,Move outGiddy up, giddy up, giddy up,Move outGiddy up, giddy upChorus 4Xby

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