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Текст песни Mr. Hyde - On the Prowl

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[Mr. Hyde]I`m dressed to kill with the glock and 38 on my waist lineAnd merkin you to me will translate to a great timeThe guns that I hold oh man the money I moldIf I don`t get it then you better bet the gun`ll explodeThe gun is aimin it your face you beater tear that shit upForget blastin your gut make sure your casket is shutThe black sheep of the bunch turning the weak into lunchYo I`m hungry for your flesh like I aint eaten in monthsOut to get with my axe and let it drag on your tan linePut hands in the box and stab the handle with cat signsI`ll be in disguise ready to stick you with knivesAnd leave your arms gross like Forrest Whitekers eyesAre you ready to die by this machette of mine?It takes just one strive for your head to divideFuckin bludgeoned all night by my games of deathThe cops`ll struggle to find where your remains are leftThey`re underneath the weeds rotting in a gentle breezeChillin with the flies beetles and the centipedesA distant memory your existence is goneYou`re on your way to the gates where you`ll be visiting God[Chorus]I`m on the prowl huntin for your head or your chestLeavin you dead like the rest I got a fetish for deathI`m on the prowl son so you can run and evadeIt`s all the same in the end you got a date with my blade(2x)[Mr. Hyde]It be the Children of Corn style the killa with sword I`llUnleash a plague of bees apon a billion a sworn pileDesolate drug supply the strength of my hugBut when I catch you you`re strung up by the flesh of their tonguesStart avengin the script you`ll be eventually rippedTossed in pendulum pits until you stench of the cripYou`ll be hunted for days by thug with guns and grenadesFuckin punchin your face until you`re sunk in the graveBlades are stuck in your brain laced and stuck in the lakeYou should`ve ducked when I sprayed son you`re a fuckin disgraceDirty legions on your grill plus excretions will be spilledGory missions will be filled must relieve before you`re killedMy sinister inside drugged with hundreds of pillsIt`s a minister midnight better run to the hillsI`m leavin you diseased burning bullets get releasedEarth is sure to hear you screech like guitars of Judas PriestNext step you`re check mated your vest is invadedThe hollow tip shells your chest is seperatedYour caught up in a mess of tortured long deathFrom the depth more or less a corpse with torn flesh[Chorus]

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