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Текст песни No Doubt - Total Hate

No Doubt - Total Hate слова песни

You`re livin` your life without a care in the world
That`s the way it should be
What`s life like in a candy swirl
What`s life like to me
Everyone is slowing down
Look once at life on the ground
You are all the people, they`re runnin` around
Not making a sound

Total hate!Total hate! Total hate!

You`re movin` aloing just goin` your own way
Don`t try to change
You`re jumpin`, you`re runnin`, you learn to play
Never try to rearrange
You`re getting tired and starting to drag
Slowing down and that`s sad
You`re walkin` around, you`re being a skag
Huh - well that`s not my bag

Total hate!Total hate!Total hate!

You don`t even know me so don`t hate me
Sublime rockin` No Doubt stylie
We do it monday and on friday
Get back to the show `cause it`s payday
11 o`clock, roll, roll it down
Rock the city with the number one sound
Long beat, long beach and it feels so fine
Rock this shit straight becak to Anaheim

Total hate, total hate
You`re so fake you make me shake
Your faded face is so irate
You share with none, you have no one
You`re living you life in total hate

Total hate! Total hate! Total hate! Total hate! Total hate!
Total hate! Total hate! Total hate! Total hate! Total hate!

Bo bo quandbass

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