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Philly`s Most Wanted

Ring the Alarm

224,00 прямо сейчас

Текст песни Philly`s Most Wanted - Ring the Alarm

Philly`s Most Wanted - Ring the Alarm слова песни

[Intro]Somebody ring the alarm..Somebody ring the alarm[Verse 1 - Mr. Man]You better run fore this gun get used off, no doubtBe +Ludacris+ for you niggaz not to +Roll Out+Either that, or being poped, like SmashmouthHow about lits, spits, that shit, that makes that moneyCats stack them chips, sweeter than a bag of Nestle TollhouseSo, think about the predicament you in dogBefore you talk shit again, I`m eatin(Woman: Somebody ring the alarm)Where the fuck could you ever sit again?And where yo peeps gon` live again, if we beefinHate on me, cause I`m all decentAll this hate ain`t recent, it`s been sinceBack when stacks start increasinAnd y`all main bitches peeped it, so hold upIt`s no secret, the hoes is creepinAnd all y`all lies is weak and, it won`t work(Woman: Somebody ring the alarm) I`m freakinLiftin skirts on bad broads on E! like Brooke Burke, niggaLike Brook Burke, nigga, like Brooke Burke[Chorus]Somebody ring the alarm, somebodySomebody, somebody ring the alarmSomebody, somebody, somebodySomebody, somebody ring the alarm[Verse 2 - Boobonic]Look, real nigga - that`s my game (game)`Bonic nigga - that`s my name (name)I`m hot shit (hot shit) spit them flames (flames)Thoughts insane, let `em sit on ya brain (brain)Get back (get back) I don`t want you to draw (draw)Don`t trip my hip`ll make you fall (fall)Don`t lip, my clip`ll hush y`allThen call Paul, and be out by tommorr`(Woman: Somebody ring the alarm)Call Lit, meet me right by the whip, shitHit rock, kiss the streets goodbye (bye)Look, call Nate, look up under the zincIt is what you think, put that shit in the bank(Woman: Somebody ring the alarm)Call Pops, disassemble my glocksReduce the shit, to rub on hot rocks (rocks)Call Teddy, ask Unc` is he readyMe and Lit bout to pour, and it`s time to get JettyG4, back to ATL (shit)Judge`ll never get a chance to play us for bailWe sit in first class, we don`t sit in them cellsAnd our niggaz don`t, and if they do, they get bail, shit[Chorus x2][Verse 3 - Mr. Man]I stopped doin crime, mom I really didI changed my ways, I`m tryna liveAnd ball wit big heads, like Jason Kidd`s/kid`sFuck a bid, it`s not the way to go out - young`nLet me tell you what I`m talking aboutFifteen had to do, what I had to do ask Boo`Stack paper, got a cue and a twenty-twoIt`s all true, why the fuck would I lie to you(Woman: Somebody ring the alarm)[Verse - Boobonic]Look, I ain`t gon` hold you upCome at me straight I`ll fold you upCop `dro and jaws that come big, as a Foldgers cup, yupI thought I told you buck I`m next level (next level)Like feet, I might creep feel on my self (oooo)There goes my heat, not Tweet (uh)I`m not sweet (not sweet) you could hear itOr fear it, and read it and weep and get dirty in a week[Chorus x2 w/ minor variations]

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