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Текст песни Rush - Lock And Key

Rush - Lock And Key слова песни

I don`t want to face the killer instinct --Face it in your or meWe carry a sensitive cargoBelow the waterline --Ticking like a time bombWith a primitive designBehind the finer feelings --This civilized veneer --The heart of a lonely hunterGuards a dangerous frontierThe balance can sometimes fail --Strong emotions can tip the scale --Don`t want to silence a desperate voiceFor the sake of securityNo one wants to make a terrible choiceOn the price of being freeI don`t want to face the killer instinct -- face it in you or meSo we keep it under lock and key...It`s not a matter of mercyIt`s not a matter of lawsPlenty of people will kill you for some fanatical causeIt`s not a matter of conscience --A search for probable causeIt`s just a matter of instinct -- a matter of fatal flawsNo reward for resistanceNo assistance -- no applause...we don`t want to be victimson that we all agree, so we lock up the killer instinct --and throw away the key...

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