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Текст песни Save Ferris - Goodbye

Save Ferris - Goodbye слова песни

Deep in the heart of every man
Lies a hidden dream or plan
To be a milloinaire
Life without a care

Hey cool cat
Does this apply to you?
Oh don`t you lie
No don`t you lie
You can`t hide the truth

I can see what`s behind those eyes
You`re going crazy from telling lies
You might think you`re strong
But you better not treat me wrong
Or else I`ll say so long

I never wanna see you again
I don`t wanna be your friend
So long
Now we`ve reached the end
Time for me to turn that bend
When time has run away
And there`s no need for me to stay and
Lose myself to you
And be abused by you
I don`t need the pain
From your mind games
When you try them again I won`t be there for them to work

Now you`re back and you beggin` please
Crawling on your hands and knees
You thought you were a star
But now here we are
We have not traveled far

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