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Текст песни Save Ferris - Superspy

Save Ferris - Superspy слова песни

Just the other day
I was walking by myself
Little kids at play
Old man talking to himself
I went outside to get a drink
Sat down by the door to think
Out of the corner of my eye
Caught a glimpse of the Superspy
When he saw me look his way
He jumped down that alleyway

Then I saw that man
In his black suit and Caddilac
Suckin` on a lollipop

Next night I went on a date
Runnin` to the movies late
Recognize that coat and hat
Puffin` on a cigarette
Cruisin` my house
Buggin` my phone
When will I be left alone?

Why`s he following me?
Everywhere I go
Superspy blow

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