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Текст песни Save Ferris - Goodbye

Save Ferris - Goodbye слова песни

Deep in the heart of every manLies a hidden dream or planTo be a milloinaireLife without a careHey cool catDoes this apply to you? Dont you liecause you cant hide the truthI can see whats behind those eyesTongue so twisted from tellin liesYou might think youre strongBut you better not treat me wrongOr else Ill say so long[chorus]:GoodbyeI never want to see you againGoodbyeI dont want to be your friendSo longNow weve reached the endTime for me to turn that bendWhen time has run awayAnd theres no need for me to stayAnd lose myself to youAnd be abused by youI dont need the painFrom your mind gamesWhen you try them againI wont be there for them to workAnymoreNow youre backAnd youre beggin pleaseCrawling on your hands and kneesYou thought you were a starBut now here you areYou havent traveled far(chorus)

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