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Текст песни Save Ferris - Sorry My Friend

Save Ferris - Sorry My Friend слова песни

I wrote this song for you to say I`m sorry
I know that I was wrong and you don`t like me
Why must you feel this way?
I wish I had the words
I needed to say

Cause you and me
We disagree
On everything and everyone
I only want to be your friend again

I hear you blaming me for all your problems
Well if you quit complaining you might solve them
I`ll try hard to make amends
But both of us will have to try and give in
I`m sorry for things to turn out this way
I wish I knew the words I needed to say
But you and me never seem to see eye to eye
But I`m sure that we can get along
If we try
If you want to you can jsut walk away
But I hope you apologies
Are okay

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