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Текст песни Save Ferris - Spam

Save Ferris - Spam слова песни

It`s pink and it`s oval
I buy it at the mobil
It`s made in Chernobyl

When I was a child
My family was so poor
We didn`t have the finer things in life to eat
But we had a plan
In a big blue can
A government substitute for meat

To get me to eat it at dinner
They said I`d grow up like Bruce Jenner
He was a winner that never knew defeat
And when he got hungry
He cracked open that special treat

S-P-A-M don`t you know it`s my best friend
S-P-A-M again and again
So go and forget your O-S-C-A-R
There`s one meat by-produce that`s the best by far

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