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Текст песни Sean Price f Buckshot, Louieville Slugga - Fake Neptune

Sean Price f Buckshot, Louieville Slugga - Fake Neptune слова песни

[Chorus 2x: Buckshot]Ah, you see too hard for meAh, you see you hardly meDisrespect anyone, no pardon meAny time you set it off, you can start with me[Sean Price]Meanwhile, nigga, back at the ranchSmokin` a spliff with this bitch trynna faster her pantsP, off with the blouse, and off with the kangolVictoria Secret, bitch, Caribbean mangoHer favorite song on Nocturnal, was Brainz BloPut on my pants, if she can let the brains blowHeh, I had to find that funnyLost my wallet, gotta find my money, bitchHow you gonna shit on me?After I let you shit on me, freaky deakyNowadays I had it up to hereDon`t make me fuck around and cut your hair, listenAll things Sean Price, four wings, fried riceNigga, duck sauce, who the fuck the boss?Yo, ask me no questions, I tell you no lieUnless the judge is wack and the jury is jiveUh, old school style, Furious FiveGet my man Grandmaster Caz, to snuff ya assOn a, world tour, with Muhammed, my manIn a piece of shit truck, smelling like vomit and ham[Steele]And when the coochie smell bad, but the shorty look goodWhat the fuck a nigga suppose to say, tell meIf I like to do a little rap, put money on stacksTell me how a nigga suppose to get get paidWait a minute, now you mean to tell me, I`m stuck in this shitRappers either bending over or riding dicksCheck `em, down and dirty niggaz stuck in the ditchThe realest in the myst, tuckin` a fifth, ohh[Louieville Sluggah]It`s like a switch from Crys` to Molt Liquor andColt 45, on the hittin` hand sittin`If you can`t stand the heat, get out the kitchenIt`s either you with you, or you all around bitchingPop pop, what happened to that boy?He got popped, got rocked by a real mccoyI was fucking his broad, she was feeling joycedShe said; let`s go have one a girl or boyI said; not me to copy, have you talking crazyYou cool and all but I pass, baby babyTo all my Queensmen and BrookmenCrooked men, if you ever looked out, then good lookingA nigga pray that we stay away from the bookersCuz any kid get locked up, to another BrooklynAvenues and streets, boulevards I creepUntil every fucking dollar bill meet, yo[Chorus 2x][Sean Price]Yo, alotta niggaz rhyme, some of y`all niceSome sound the same, but not Sean PriceThe O.D.B., and the B.C.CI`m David Ruffin, say when it`s nothing, noNeed for acceptance, no need for applauseAll you need is a gause, when you bleeding, ofcourseOf course, I ain`t playin` no moreFuck holding back, fuck what I`m saving it forGet busy, bisexual burners, both ways with the biscuitHit, niggaz and bitches, and occasionally infantsYo, save it man, tricks are for kids, bitch, David Blaine[Chorus 2x]

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Sean Price f Buckshot, Louieville Slugga - Fake Neptune
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